TV Week 7: Down, Set, SWEEPS!

HIMYM: Wow, I love slimball Barney.
Big Bang: Kaley Cuoco is actually funny if you watch the old 8 Simple Rules reruns on ABC Family like I do. So I’d like to see a little more character growth come her way.
Chuck: Yay for answers! And a few more questions for good health. Everyone show Chuck love during the strike. It’d be a huge tragedy if it was a casualty. But then again, NBC is better about standing behind their shows than say, Fox…
Heroes: This is me, clapping. The first awesome episode of the year, minus those brief yet glorious moments of KBell. OH and Tim Kring apologized for exactly everything I thought was wrong with the show.
Prison Break: Oh, Whistler is in on it. Too bad I’m overriding PB tonight for the new episode of Chuck instead. I think I may be done with PB.

NCIS: Oh Gibbs, we hardly know you.
The Unit: WHOA. Way to pull the rug out like that. I was so dumbfounded by the ending. Incredible. Can’t wait til we see Superman Jonas on the warpath.
Beauty & the Geek: Guess who hates Sam more? Me, once I figured out via myspace the joker is a professional actor.

Bionic Woman: I KNEW I hated the Whiny Sister. and for the life of me I couldn’t form into words why…but I finally made the connection. Whiny Sister used to be an American Junior…you know that HORRIBLE AI spin off where the parents should’ve been flogged. I watched this show under duress and hated every moment. This is why the writer’s strike needs to end quickly. American Juniors is the type of garbage we’re gonna get. I’ll take 5 lacklusters scripted shows, shoot I’ll even take Two & Half Men over reality garbage. Oh and this Bionic Woman was a pretty good one. But I have a crush on Tom.

The Office: Dwight & the mushrooms. Pam & the conference room……and this mockumentary is filmed in real time…So if the strike lingers…for the love of PB&J, what is going to happen to Dunder Mifflin?!
Ugly Betty: Best. Episode. I love that Posh has a sense of humor about herself. I loved the Henry stuff. I loved Daniel firing her.
Grey’s Anatomy: Can we just all take a moment and discuss how Dr. Miranda Bailey is the greatest character ever. In all shows right now.
30 Rock: Nothing like taking the corporate memo about going green and skewering it. Only true evil would not allow Tina Fey to work…

Friday Night Lights- I’m not finished with it. But of all the country bands for Tami & her fire-starting sister to want to go see? The one band whose name elicits a strong response from most Texans?

Brothers & Sisters– I’ve never witnessed someone going through withdraw, but I reckon Justin’s was realistic…

Writing Props of the Week: The Unit! It’s a rare day when I don’t see something that big coming.
Acting Props of the Week: Chandra Wilson.


One response to “TV Week 7: Down, Set, SWEEPS!

  1. Could you please not speak ill of American Junior again. If it not for it or that NBC show hosted by Joey Gladstone there may not have been a need for the greatest cultural events of this decade: Dateline’s To Catch a Predator. Seriously, without my hundreds of Chris Hansen references, I would have nothing to joke about for the last couple years.

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