WGA & a mad Monday

If you love TV and haven’t read Maureen Ryan’s article about the looking WGA strike, then you should. I definitely have thoughts about it. The business woman in me thinks a Reagan-esqe purge would do the world some good, but the writer in me understands that this deal has the potential to wipe the slate clean and be a fresh start for the entertainment industry.

This could be more than a few months without decent, new TV. This could be the thread that unravels the mess between the consumer, the intellectual property owner, new media frontiers and the law. The TV business model has been messed up for ages. I’ve been saying for over a year that there should be more of a profit sharing format to the pay scale. But thankfully it’s not my problem. Who knows? Maybe an extended vacation would let the staffs of Heroes, Bionic Woman, and Prison Break figure out how to correct their series.

Meanwhile, here is how I would fix said shows:

Heroes: Heroes is the most serialized drama in a long while. The best part about serialized shows is the running plot lines. Heroes needs to pick three and ONLY work on those. This, every-character-on-his-own-agenda would work…if there were…three characters. Also, they have at least 5 or 6 major characters who aren’t the swiftest of actors. So that’s trim the plot lines and trim the cast. Seriously, how easily could ya’ll fix that?

Prison Break– Also could stand a cast cleansing. Course one head in a box later, they already have. But the urgency this year isn’t the same as the first year. And Michael’s range of emotions have gone from incredible to incredibly whiny.

Bionic Woman– I really wanted this show to be legendary. But on a broader scale than it’s cousin, Battlestar Galactica. Because maybe, just maybe, those convinced by Bionic Woman, would find their way to the beautifully intense sci fi gem. But this show is how many episode in and still doesn’t have a consistent tone? They can’t even copy Alias well. At least Alias had an overreaching arc and meaningful family subplots. Meanwhile, Jaime Summers has no obstacles and even less wants. Her main goal right now is to keep her whiny sister from finding out her secret. Big whoop-ti-do. Every drama’s hiding a secret or two. But what if said sister was one of the bad guys? What if they were enemies in secret and both living double lies? What if we just go ahead and blow up her sister now, then Jaime could spend the rest of the year finding the killers? Dark. This show needs to go dark like BSG. But just light enough to stay on broadcast prime time, because I refuse to pay more for fancy cable.

The bad news: We may have to endure months of lousy reality tv. The good news: DVD marathons baby! And, I’ve actually got a huge stack of books I’d love to read. Go figure.

One response to “WGA & a mad Monday

  1. Scooter McGavin

    I really don’t see a strike as a bad thing. With nights like tonight (Tuesday) it is nice knowing I don’y have to sit infront of the TV for two hours.

    With that said, I would still hope that the Friday Night Lights writers cross the picket lines.

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