TV: Week 6

Aaaaa Strike. Yay. May the time off bring fair wages to writers, quick death to a few shows and much needed pondering time on the plots of others….

HIMYM– I laughed while on the treadmill at the gym. So points for that.
Big Bang– “That’s how we roll in the Shire”. HEEEEE In fact, I laughed several times during this episode. It’s a good thing I was home from the gym at this point.
Chuck– Notice anything special about this episode? If you said, “Well Jo turns out it was written by Phil Klemmer, who used to be on the Veronica Mars staff.” Then you would be right. I knew this episode was more clever than usual.
Heroes– I’m tired of reading subtitles. So, let’s get Sark & Hiro back to the future and Sylar can eat the Wonder twins.

NCIS– What I really want to know is how Ducky made it off the big boat into the the little runner so fast…
The Unit– Wow, I’m in love with Hector now.
Beauty & the Geek– A recap show?! Seriously?!

Private Practice– Is it a problem if I don’t remember what happened? OH Addison kissed Pete again. But that’s it…Do I just have the wrong set of friends that I can’t randomly make out with the hot guys?….Things to ponder indeed.
Pushing Daisies– I do enjoy Olive, but that’s more to do with my recent Wicked obsession. For all things Daisies, try the Pie Maker fansite.

The Office– I won’t lie. The more over the top, the funnier. One word: Mustaches.
Grey’s Anatomy– So last year was the Katherine Heigl Emmy reel, this year it’s for T.R. And after I complained about Meredith not getting a shrink, I felt overly shrinked by the voiceover.
Ugly Betty– Half Wicked, Half Betty. But let’s talk about my unadulterated loathing of Gio the sandwich guy. His voice alone is enough to make me throw things at the TV.

Friday Night Lights– I forget how incredible this show in the six days it’s off the air. And then you get a great episode about Eric and Tami.

Brothers & Sisters– Why aren’t there more family dramas on TV?

Writing Props of the Week
– Phil Klemmer’s hysterical punch line after punch line episode of Chuck. Here’s to you Klembom.
Acting Props of the Week– Connie Britton, for not only willing to look the the true life, worn out, no make up, new mom but for being Tami Taylor, my ultimate hero.


2 responses to “TV: Week 6

  1. Loved that line on BIG BANG. The other line that made me scream out laughing was “To the sewing machines!”

    Loved THE OFFICE. I concur on the moustaches.

  2. I hate Gio SO MUCH!

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