TV: Week 5. Really?

If it weren’t for TiVo, I would’ve probably dropped over half of these shows. In fact, many of them are now on probation til November sweeps are over…and then I’m making cuts.

HIMYM– Heeeee Blah Blah. This is the type of quirkiness I want to see in every episode.
Big Bang– I’m still weirded out that they were siblings on another show. But Big Bang is getting better and at a faster rate than The Class did, so yeah.
Chuck– Yeeeah, too much Morgan. And I actually want to see more of the whole “Sarah posing as the girlfriend” thing. They seem to always cut away or cut into the end and that would be interesting.
Heroes– What happens when you cast 1,000 new characters? And one turns out to be a bone fide award deserving superstar? You get complete exposure that your writing stinks. Honestly, Heroes, DO SOMETHING.
Prison Break– First note of probation. Because I find myself watching this show six days after air and still not caring what happens. Nothing involving Linc or Sucre is interesting. and Michael whines a lot.

NCIS- Abby really is a cool character, so I always enjoy those that center around her.
The Unit– Yikes, Mac.
Beauty & the Geek– Is there any way we could kick Sam out but keep Nicole?

Bionic Woman– If they wanted to just accidentally on purpose make Jaime British for good, I’d be okay with that.
Private Practice– Also on probation. Sad I know, but except for Cooper and Violet, I don’t care about the rest.
Pushing Daisies- Confession. I want to be in love with this show. I’m just…not. It’s good. It’s different. It’s interesting. But I’m not in love.

The Office- I need to rewatch this episode because sadly, I don’t remember what happened.
Ugly Betty– I really want less about the Meade family and more Christina/Betty.
Grey’s Anatomy- This many doctors in a small vicinity and no one suggests that Meredith needs a therapist? Really?
30 Rock- Alec Baldwin is a comedic genius.

Friday Night Lights– 2nd week of TiNo. Bad blogger.

Brothers & Sisters– This is the first time, ever, that I didn’t hate Kevin. But the stuff with Sarah was just heart wrenching.

Writing Props of the Week: Gotta toss it up to the team behind How I Met Your Mother. Also a show I would love to work on.
Acting Props of the Week: Rachel Griffiths from Brothers & Sisters. Her emotion was amazing.


One response to “TV: Week 5. Really?

  1. -Man, I totally agree on the HIMYM episode this week. I had concerns regarding the first episodes of the season, it just didn’t feel like the same show. But last week’s episode was BACK ON TRACK all the way. Barney was a HOOT with his graphs, and Ted is flat out adorable. Good to laugh out loud.
    -And Big Bang IS getting better and better. I LOVE COMEDY!
    -Please – somebody hand Alec Baldwin an Emmy.
    -Heroes has been “different”, yes, but I still can’t get enough of it.
    I’m hoping to see Kenzei arrive in 2007. Now that would be COOL.

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