Fall TV: Week 4

Two bits of business.
1) This post will be shortened and many shows that I love are on TiNo status as I am in the final stretches of finishing “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows” (on audio). Soo…yeah. I’ll post on the rest of these shows later.

2) So I actually got a comment or two not from my sister, my TV twin or the better blogger that is Scooter, it makes me wonder if I should actually write more posts..so if you have thoughts on the subject, please share. And thanks random lurkers and occasional commentors. You have made my day.

HIMYM: Barney cooties. Heee. And how much do I love Marshall? Oh so much.
Big Bang: Experiment in Sheldon centric episode? Check. Statistically significantly more funny? Not really. How many more Roseanne castmembers will we have to stuntcast to keep this show alive? Oh and I hate the theme music.
Chuck: But I love the Cake theme music. This is the first episode that had my full attention. But she was giving Chuck the eyes the whole time.
Okay, why on TV does every Southerner sound like one georgia peach short of a pie festival but every New Yorker is the very model of American English diction? Listen, I know cajun, as I am a cajun flavored Texan (that’s the southeast baby), and I know that people who are actually from New Orleans manage to pronounce their city name in one syllable, but they don’t sound like that. Meanwhile, zzz, WAIT DID I SEE KRISTEN BELL IN THE PROMOS!?!?! Yeehaw.

NCIS– another fun procedural. What can I say?
The Unit– TiNo
Beauty & the Geek– Finally the hot guy’s girlfriend is gone and the makeovers went well. I think some of these geeky guys are plants. I think they are deliberately finding guys that they know will clean up good. But Nicole (the girl geek) is NOT going to thrive in a house full of super models. This will not build her self esteem at all.

Bionic Woman– Such high hopes. Such lame storylines.
Private Practice– Eh. I do love Cooper though.
Pushing Daisies- Currently in the “half watched” status.

The Office– How do you get incredibly sweet and adorable and so creepy it’s funny all at once? Jim, holding Pam, plus Mose on a bed. Heeee.
Grey’s Anatomy– Eh, except I do love me some Grandpa Gilmore
Ugly Betty– TiNo
30 Rock– Eeeh, not my favorite episode, but I think I was doing something on the computer while watching.

Friday Night Lights– TiNo. I know, I know. Shame shame, but seriously I have to know how Harry and Ginny end up or I will cry…

Brothers & Sisters– TiNo

Writing Props of the Week: J.K. Rowling. For seven amazing books that makes me feel utterly schooled as a writer.
Acting Props of the Week: Jim Dale and the infinite character voices inside him.


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