Fall TV 3

Snarky remark here. Nope, I got nothing.

HIMYM– Raise your hand if you want to see Marshall go to a high school reunion and run into Linda Cardellini? I love all the Freaks & Geeks.
Big Bang– Can we have a show just about Sheldon? And hey wait, weren’t those two siblings on that one show my mom forbid me from watching?…
Chuck– Raise another hand if you want to see Jayne Casey karate chop Captain Awesome?
Heroes– West, while adorable in a jailbait sense and an Office alum, is still kinda…one dimensional. I know that’s supposed to be “mysterious” but there is a difference. But who cares because in one more month Kristen Bell will be on.
Prison Break– Wait, I knew it was Sarah’s head last week. I tried to stop caring about this show over this “shark jump” but honestly. The entire series is unbelieveable. Yet, I still want to watch it.

NCIS- Abby needs some geek lovin’ and not from Probie.
The Unit– I have trouble with any storyline that threatens to kill one or more main characters, because we’re just not in the right month for that to have any effect on me.
Beauty & the Geek– HUZZAH that the manho’s gal pal is gone. Maybe he’ll pay attention to his partner now…? Nah, my money’s on he’ll find another honey. That’s enough alliteration for the week.

Bionic Woman– I want to be in love with this show. But clearly I’m not.
Private Practice– I love Cooper and I love Violet and I adore Addison, but something about PP (heeee) is still not clicking right with me. But that’s okay but I need easy viewing TV.
Pushing Daisies- JIM DALE? How after TWO straight months of a Harry Potter audio marathon did I NOT catch that that was him? (PS I’ve just started Half Blood Prince). Meanwhile, Kristen Chenoweth singing! This show is something else.

The Office- Oh how I love the Office. Where to begin? Thank you writers, for letting us see some beginnings to JAM on the roof. Don’t break them up. Drama is fine, but if you break them up, it’ll be killer. Andy singing to Angela?! Dawesome.
Ugly Betty– Nope, don’t like the sandwhich man.
Grey’s Anatomy- Finally the Nazi is back. Maybe that’ll shape all these whiny characters back into shape. OH and Grandpa Gilmore!!
30 Rock- Heeeee. Thinly veiled slam on popular Hollywood cult? I love you, Tina Fey.

Friday Night Lights– My ONLY bone to pick with FNL- What’s up with the NO Dairy Queen? You want to talk REALISTIC? Realistic is that Matt Saracen works at a run down, dirty DQ. Not some generic knock off. C’mon DQ marketing department. Every Texan knows the small town stop sign. Please. Every town in Texas gets a DQ before a Walmart, especially towns that win state football championships.

SNL– So is this what happens to SNL when the cast stops using drugs?…

Brothers & Sisters– Nora and Rebecca don’t do it for me. I actually missed Sarah. Someone wasn’t right with this one.

Writing Props of the Week: Not much to choose from, really it’s between The Office and 30 Rock. But so far this season that is definitely my favorite Office with Andy Bernard’s acapella ABBA serenade. So kudos Office writers.
Acting Props of the Week: Adrianne Palicki, who honestly show be on Emmy watch lists.


One response to “Fall TV 3

  1. Love your write-ups.
    I think that was the best 30 ROCK episode yet. Just about died when they zoomed into Alec Baldwin in the lawn chair talking to little Chloe. HAAAAAAAAA!
    And here’s to NEVER EVER EVER EVER having to witness a breakup b/w Jim and Pam. I think my heart would fall out.

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