Fall TV: Week 2

Before my brain explodes from work…here’s some random thoughts on last week’s TV.

HIMYM: Still not Swarley, but I can’t help but choose it and Big Bang Theory over Chuck.
Chuck: NBC’s online player seems to be working the best of them all right now, so that’s helpful. I enjoyed all the teenage boys with their cameras. HA.
Heroes: zzzzz, what? Is Kristen Bell on? No, okay, let me know..zzzzzzz
Prison Break: Fake Sarah= NOT COOL FOX. What is the deal? Everyday it feels more and more like Fox hates TV.

The Unit: I won’t lie. The conclusion felt a little rushed. But I was completely broken hearted by Mac & Tiffy. OH and I nearly needed fresh garments during that trippy scene and the lizard and YIKES that’s exactly why I can’t watch Supernatural.
NCIS: Oh Tony, Ziva loves you. Wake up.
Beauty & the Geek: How much do I hate the new twist? Oh so much. Why? Because it ruins the dynamic of the group. That one hot guy prevents everyone from opening up and automatically creates jealousy among the girls. This is not supposed to be Big Brother.

Bionic Woman: Better, still not great. GMMR has the recap. LOVED the random footage of BSG.
Private Practice: This show is still not yet Grey’s or even a bad day at Grey’s level. But I love Addison so much I cannot miss it.
Pushing Daisies: Wow! Daisies is so…different. I like it. It has such a rich well to draw from character and story wise. It’s charming and weird. I miss Dead Like Me though. Because it was weird and snarky, which is more me.

The Office: When Jim and Pam’s powers are combined, I cannot stop laughing. I loved it more than the opener even. I don’t care that Michael drove a car into a lake. I know it’s ridiculous. That’s what I love. Three cheers to TOBY for stealing the show once again.
Ugly Betty: Betty was off her game. I think it was the lack of Marc & Amanda, Christina, and Henry.
Grey’s Anatomy: Wow. Could Lexi be more annoying? And unaware? And at this point I’m ready for some sweeps level tragic accident put both George and Izzy into a coma. It’s a rare day when I find the most enjoyment out of Derrick & Meredith’s storyline.
30 Rock: Heeeeeeeeeeee. But we need the Floydster.

Moonlight: Officially off my watch list. As much as it pains me to give up Jason Dohring. It just wasn’t my can of DP.
Battlestar Galactica: Gone on hiatus, going strong in my heart. One month til the movie.
Friday Night Lights: Still hate Lyla, but OH my goodness how awesome is Tyra and Tami? Seriously. OH random not FNL, but I saw the movie Music & Lyrics which is granted, kinda dumb but has a lot of great one liners from Hugh Grant. Who did I see in the opening but our own Jason Street doing a hilarious 80s music video. So, so wonderful.

SNL- Need more Muppet sketches. Always. Also, Lorne, please check over your hosts for the year and be sure these three are on it: Justin Timberlake, Drew Barrymore and Alec Baldwin because they are golden.

Brothers and Sisters: I still love Rob Lowe. Aaaand Dave Annable. I want more Tommy though!

Writing Props of the Week: 30 Rock for making me laugh and snagging a MASSIVE guest list that will make your head explode.
Acting Props of the Week: Paul Lieberstein and his sad puppy dog eyes.


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