Ah, fall tv: Week 1

In effort to not have a stale blog, I’ll at least try to give one sentence thought on everything I watched in the past week..

HIMYM: SO glad it’s back, even though it wasn’t a swarlific episode. Ted should keep the facial hair. Too cute. Marshall and Lily are the funniest couple on TV, yes, even more so than Dwight & Angela.
Chuck: Alright, but granted he’s not that nerdy.
Heroes: “Jo, you should stop watching Heroes”. HA. This was the random IM I got on Tuesday from my good twin. “You just don’t like it.” *ahem* it’s not that I don’t like Heroes, I do. It’s that I’m not utterly and completely blown away like everyone else by Heroes. I used to think it was pacing, but now I’m completely convinced it’s just poor acting.
Prison Break: Dirtier, darker, mostly I’m just glad that Bellick has clothes finally. *shutter*

The Unit: Wow. It was almost Alias like and everything but I don’t know how I feel about the new theme song.
NCIS: I’m not hiding my love for these two CBS procedurals anymore. They have been upgraded to SeasonPass status. Can’t wait for Ziva to finally spill the beans to Tony.
Beauty & the Geek: I won’t lie. I hate the new twist. I hope they get evicted asap.

Bionic Woman: A full recap of my snarky thoughts found here.
Back to You: It’s cute in a “would watch it as a syndicated rerun while at the gym” kinda way. But I’m thinking the Seasonpass is about to go. One more episode before it’s dropped.
Private Practice: Oh sure the episode was a mess and a little lame, but I loved it nonetheless. Addison has always been a favorite character of mine and I adore Amy Brennemen.
Pushing Daisies: Starts this week yes? Okay. Looking forward.

The Office: Squeee and Swoon. Dwight euthanizing the cat absolutely cracked me up. But I did work six months in a vet hospital so I can relate. I’ll agree it was a bit too much Michael monologue but I take no issue with the documentary crew calling Jim & Pam on their lies and coverups. I’ve always felt like the documentary crew is the unseen character in the office and that they are HUGE Jim & Pam fans.
Ugly Betty: My favorite Meade by far is Claire. Although I do enjoy Daniel & Betty’s friendship. Te amo Betty.
Grey’s Anatomy: Wow. Could Lexi be more annoying like Meredith used to be??
30 Rock: C’mon Seinfeld episode…

Moonlight: Still on TiNo status.
Battlestar Galactica: Gone on hiatus, going strong in my heart.
Friday Night Lights: Oh yeah, isn’t that premiere online somewhere? Note to self…

Brothers and Sisters: It’s like Everwood..on booze. I love Rob Lowe.

Writing Props of the Week: Go to The Unit. Stellar episode AND it’s a two parter. Can’t wait.
Acting Props of the Week: Jenna Fischer. Which is close win because Katee Sackhoff blows my mind. But Jenna has such a subtle but brilliant skill, it’d be SO easy to overlook. She completely sold the moment that she blurted out “we’re dating” because she had held it back in her face right up to that point. and then the elated joy just poured out of her smile. And I know you’re thinking, um Jo, we’d all be ecstatic to pretend to be dating JKras, but go back and watch just Jenna’s face through the whole episode. It’s all in her eyes.


One response to “Ah, fall tv: Week 1

  1. Love your blog and your write-ups. The moment we found out about PB&J was a TV highlight for me.
    Here’s hoping PSUHING DAISIES rocks.

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