Sophomore Slump Predictions

Year two is the litmus test for a series. So here are my predictions for the upcoming sophomore series:

Heroes: I feel like Heroes has the biggest chance of taking that supernova path through the ratings. NBC hype, the world tour, a cast larger than all the CSIs and Law & Orders put together, the series was starting to look like a Molotov Cocktail of disappointment. That was, until Kristen Bell was brought on. At least now we’ll get a few well acted scenes before the whole thing collapses under the pressure.

Ugly Betty– Ugly Betty knows what Ugly Betty does best. Big, flashy, over the top. I bet they can even handle the posh stuntcasting better than any other series. Viva la Betty.

Brothers & Sisters– Oh, half and half. I have faith in the Walkers sticking together and it’s a talented cast. I just wonder how long before it becomes another predictable soap opera, ala Grey’s or Housewives (as I’ve read, not watched).

30 Rock– This hysterical series has already turned around once for the better. It took about half a season before finding it stride and I would be shocked for them to lose steam. If anything, 30 Rock runs the Arrested Development risk of becoming so good that the average, Two & a Half Men watching American can’t keep up with the funny.

Friday Night Lights- If this show fails, it won’t be for lack of creative genius. I hope the writers’ realize the power is in the Taylors and not the Panthers. The move to Friday night is dubious. Friday is the death night of TV yet expectations for ratings are set so low, perhaps our gem can sneak by long enough to get some Emmy recognition. Who knows? Maybe NBC will show the series some love and one of the Heroes be found watching FNL, like Julie & Matt Saracen were seen watching The Office.


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