Chuck review

No spoilers below. Especially if you’ve seen the teaser trailer…

I won’t lie, when I first heard about the premise of Chuck, my immediate thought was “Um, Jake 2.0 much?” And then all the buzz started circling. Surely that many critics can’t be right….

So once again, I downloaded for free from Amazon’s Unbox. And now I’m smitten. I have a huge Tivo dilemma on Monday nights.

Chuck does best what Ugly Betty does best. It has a clear grasp of tone and theme. Ugly Betty intends to be over the top and pulls it off with pizazz. Chuck simultaneously amazes and amuses. It has a great blend of serious and silly. And unlike Jake 2.0, it manages to be charming while far fetched. (Chris Gorham exception of course who is the geeky charm pioneer).
Chuck gets an A from me. Still not the A+ that I reserve for VM, but now I have to figure out if Prison Break plays online somewhere for free….


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