Bionic Review

There are NO plot spoilers in the following review.

A gritty and dark re-envisioned series from the 70s portraying real life themes through the unbridled realms of science fiction, guest starring the likes of Katee Sackhoff, Aaron Douglas and Mark Shepard from executive producer David Eick. Naturally you can see my excitement for Bionic Woman, given my unwavering affection for Battlestar Galactica.

Thanks to Amazon’s Unbox, I downloaded the pilot to my Tivo. I had to know if Bionic Woman is going to be as amazing as the pieces behind it. So the pilot is so so, but the series has serious potential. I liked the mystery and action ala SD-6 Alias era mixed with the realistic approach to human suffering that makes Battlestar so powerful. Katee-deserves serious acting awards-Sackhoff plays a bone chilling crazy unimaginably well. There’s a lot of angles they could go and that’s what you want to see in a pilot.

What I didn’t like: the one dimensional sister and boyfriend characters. I also didn’t see as much as I had hoped in Jamie Summers. There was that it factor missing. The draw to the main character that keeps you tuning back in. I’ll chalk all this up to pilot jitters. Honestly, I’ve only seen one pilot that blew me away (Veronica Mars) and even shows that I adore now(30 Rock), I downright hated the pilots.

One random dislike and I can’t even fully communicate what I hated about the music, but I did. It was distracting and just too…emo. I do believe shows that take dark tones (BSG, Sopranos, Alias even) have to have a consistent theme in their music choices. But whiny emo plus sci-fi doesn’t fly with me. Might I suggest hard rock? Heavy metal? Too close to the metaphor? Still better than emo and bionic sound effects that need to go.

Overall I get the pilot a B. It’s a “I’ll definitely tune back in but I want more” grade.


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