Blitz and Busting

Saturday is my first draft (team: I am Spartacus) and the following Tuesday (team: Dogtags over Delphi…points if you can correctly name that TV reference). I’ve printed out my cheat sheets and I’m poised with my pick #3. In honor of fantasy football week, here are my favorite sports related TV shows:

Friday Night Lights
I want to be Tami Taylor. The end.

Pardon the Interruption
I love when Mike starts yelling and Tony talks about American Idol. Although I mainly listen to the podcast instead of watching. It’s a great way to start the morning at work.

Stump the Schwab
I’m in awe of that guy. And a tad freaked out.

College Football
Gig’em Aggies. WHOOP!

In an unrelated note, I think Mythbusters is my new favorite whenever show. The last time I seriously watched it was New Years when I was sick with the plague. It’s awesome that you can watch the first five minutes, pass out for 35, wake up and see if it’s busted or not. But even well and healthy, I love watching things blow up. And Tory is totally cute.

3 more weeks then possibly more entertaining posts.


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