Clip show

Isn’t youtube wonderful? So here are a few clips to help you be excited about our returning favorites:

This clip reminds me exactly why I love Ugly Betty so much.

And this is just one of many Swarley reasons why I can’t wait for more How I Met Your Mother:

When I’m in NY in 3 weeks, I still plan on throwing myself at Tina Fey’s feet and hoping to absorb some brilliance from her. 30 Rock has a new time this fall. I think from now on when someone asks “what’s that smell” I have my new favorite answer.

I noticed a Dillon Panther t-shirt in the NBC Universal store. Be assured I will be wearing one soon. (But I really want a Caprican Buccaneers Pyramid Shirt…c’mon Sci Fi). Tami Taylor is my hero. Just hearing theme song makes me happy. But Friday Night Lights being buried on Friday night, does not..

If you’re not a spoilerphobe, check out GMMR’s awesome extended preview of Prison Break.


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