TiVos Ready!

I knew eventually something like this comprehensive list of the fall schedule, courtesy of the futon critic would pop up eventually. I love these kinds of list because they prepare me for my inevitable TiVo conflicts, even though I do have a dual tuner.

Here’s my list:
Definitely Tivoing: HIMYM, Prison Break, and Heroes. Same as last year.
Online viewing: Chuck. Assuming NBC runs them online. If they don’t, I may swap how I view with HIMYM, since those do run online.
On probation: Journeyman. Since that NBC Preview show, I’m interested enough to check it out.

Definitely Tivoing: NCIS, The Unit, Beauty & the Geek, Reaper.
Online viewing: Probably NCIS and The Unit, b/c I usually TiNo them and end up watching during my lunch hour.
On probation: Reaper. Checking it out on critical praise alone. I think I saw 3 seconds of a trailer.

Definitely Tivoing: Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Back to You, Bionic Woman, and Sopranos reruns on A&E
Online Viewing: probably the ABC shows during my lunch, since I’ll watch Bionic Woman first when I get home.
On probation: all four new Wednesday shows. My guess is Back to You will be a hit or miss. I have some faith in Shondra on PP, and Daisies, well, we’ll see if it’s all true buzz or just hype.

Definitely Tivoing: Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, 30 Rock, and The Office
Online Viewing:The ABC shows again. ABC has the best online viewing experience of the big 4 networks.
On probation: ER. I didn’t want to watch ER last year, except my sister kept wanting to discuss it, so I would watch, but fast forward through all of it unless Sam (Linda Cardellini) or Neela (Parminder Nagra) were on the screen. Which is not a whole lot. All this to say, I don’t really want to keep watching ER, but my sister will probably talk me back into it.

Definitely Tivoing: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Please people. Don’t let this show die.
On probation: Moonlight. This show gets one, possibly two chances to win me over before I bail. And it only earned that by casting Jason Dohring.

Definitely Tivoing: Brothers & Sisters, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (January 08)
Online viewing:
Brothers & Sisters, because I probably won’t get it till Monday during lunch.

Okay what have I missed? Before you say “Gossip Girl”, I’m not interested. Sorry. And now seeing how ridiculous the amount of TV I watch in a week is, I think I’ll go read a book…


One response to “TiVos Ready!

  1. Scooter McGavin

    Wow, that’s a lot of TV. I think I’m done to about six hours of appointment TV this fall.

    And we must have different critics we read because most reviews I’ve seen about Reaper have been mediocre at best. And having seen about ten minutes of the reworked pilot, with the chick from Heroes taking over the role of the token hot chick (which is a total downgrade), the show is completely underwhelming.

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