Fantasy Season 07-08

So it’s been a year plus since I started TV blogging. I still don’t update that often, post interesting content or edit my random thoughts. So if you’ve stumbled here my mistake, no fear. There’s a list to the right of TV blogs that are far superior to this. But if I amuse you, feel free to stick around.

Last year about this time, I posted some thoughts on what storylines I hoped to see in the upcoming TV season. So the following is purely my armchair writing based on my opinions and possibly spoilers I’ve read elsewhere. I won’t deliberately spoil details, but certainly if you’re not caught up on the jaw dropping BSG (*cough*my TV twin you know who you are*cough*), then skip over that section.

Hopes/If I were on the writing staff:

~Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice– That neither show be a clone of the other, but that they both return to the smart and funny originality of Grey’s S1, before it became a who’s doing the tango with whom grudgematch.

~Bionic Woman– I want to see this show to be Alias on speed. If it becomes a stupid, lovey dovey soap, then I’ll drop it like a Spears kid.

~Big Shots– This show was not on my radar except for the glorious Michael Vartan. Here’s to Rob Thomas & Rats hopefully turning it into a surprise, clever cult hit that will be too smart for the general public. (And maybe from now on, instead of TV snobs being upset every year when the TV gems are cancelled, we should just aim to have two or three news ones in place to fill the slot.)

~Battlestar Galactica– Seriously, skip ahead if you’re not caught up.

I’m really hoping that Starbuck is actually the first half ‘n’ half and that Tigh is her dad. How cool would that be?! And while I’m curious to find out what time & state that Earth is in when the Colonial Fleet arrives, I also kinda hope they don’t answer that question. Maybe the ending should be they arrive at Earth and the Cylons aren’t a threat anymore, the end.

~Ugly Betty– More Wilhemina, more Christina (especially now that I’ve seen Extras. Love her.) LESS Alexis. If I could resist puns, I wouldn’t say “She’s such a drag.”…

~Prison Break– Kill off William Fitchner’s character. I still can’t remember the character name. That’s how little I think of him.

~Smallville– Kill off Lana and work out the rights to use Batman. Nothing makes me smile harder than watching Bruce Wayne walk all over Clark Kent. It would bring me back to Smallville.

~30 Rock– Floydster!!

~Heroes– A more even pace.

~The Office– Nope. I have faith. Ok, maybe a tad more Meredith and Toby.

Other shows I’ll keep tabs on: The Unit, NCIS, Reaper, Chuck, okay fine Pushing Daisies, and Moonlight only for Jason Dohring.


One response to “Fantasy Season 07-08

  1. Happy Blogiversary-ish!

    Totally agree with you re Heroes. Really interesting idea re BSG. And “drop it like a Spears kid” — hee!

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