Heroes vs Battlestar Galactica

For all those who love NBC’s smash Heroes who haven’t tried Battlestar Galactica, why not? So in a Scooter-like toss up challenege, I’m going to show that the two shows are not that different, except one is far better quality television.

The biggest hurdle: Suspended Reality
This is the one point that makes me cringe the hardest: viewers who adore Heroes but the second they hear the words “battlestar” or “galactica” they envision light sabers and enterprises and immediately disregard it as some cheesy graphic, clone sci-fi show.

Heroes: thousands of people across the globe have superpowers and a giant conspiracy to keep them secret
BSG: the last known humans in the universe, about 40,000, stay one step ahead of the human-like robots, Cylons, who are trying to wipe them out and find Earth first. And they have a plan.

Graphics & Gadgets
Heroes: the nuclear fight between future Sylar and future Peter rocked and I’m usually please and grossed out by Claire’s regeneration.
BSG: speaking of nuclear, those are the only big daddy weapons that Galactica is packing. And while their technology is clearly ahead of our own (Cylons, faster than light speeds), it’s still within natural laws of physics. Unless you’re talking about that whole Cylon death process but who understands that besides Three? Which leads us to:

: Since Hiro can time travel, is it safe to assume that the Heroes have always been around? And what about the multiple conspiracies?
A few ancient prophecies which borrow loosely from Moromism, and the Cylons are monotheistic. But this is just one more way in the real life metaphor fits…

Life Metaphors and Lessons
Heroes: racism, fitting in, being different. Classic X-Men motifs.
BSG: if you miss the gigantic war metaphor, you’re just not paying attention. Also, genocide, what it means to be human, sacrifices for survival.

Coolest Fight Scene so far:
Heroes: My vote is Future Sylar v Future Peter. Because the finale was anti-climatic after that.
BSG: The Exodus off of New Caprica. Galactica Falling Like a Rock. And Pegasus picks up the spare. Two of the most beautiful hours of BSG since “33”.

Alpha Female
Heroes: Nikki/Jessica. Sure she’s got strength, but she argues with herself a lot and cries.
BSG: Starbuck. How many Cylon beatings will she have to give and take before the world sings her praises? I’d put money on her taking any other TV character hands down. Bauer who? Girl’s got ‘tude. (Can’t *wait* to see her on Bionic Woman! Then the world will see the greatness of Katee Sackhoff)

Cute Kid
Heroes: Micah! Aw, Micah. So much smarter than your parents.
BSG: Hera the half ‘n half. I hope you amount to something in this last season…

Hot Men
Heroes: Peter, Sylar, Mohinder
BSG: Apollo, Helo, Anders

Heroes: It takes at least four episodes for something to happen. Zzzzzzz
BSG: Of three years plus the three hour miniseries, there are only about four snoozer episodes. You know who you are Woman King…

Heroes: Has some room to kill off a few more characters (but definitely not the two pictured)
BSG: By far, the most grievous Emmy snubs of the year.

Heroes: Gotta love Greg Grunberg.
BSG: Ok, Heroes definitely takes this category. There are very few laughs, but it’s hard when the subject matter is this intense.

Online Extras
Heroes: NBC has launched themselves into the digital age with online viewings and cast commentaries from the PC. Plus there are the comics, which is just cool.
BSG: Sci Fi, also owned by NBC, keeps BSG rocking with the webisodes last summer and Ron Moore’s excellent podcast commentaries which occasionally feature cast members.

To Infinity and Beyond
Heroes: Only time and a superb sophomore season will prove if Heroes has staying power.
BSG: This is the last season which stinks and this technically is the remake from the 70s series, though the two don’t share that much in common. But I think BSG has the same staying power that say, Firefly has, in that beloved, cult status that will never fade.

In short, I don’t hate on Heroes, I just think Battlestar Galactica deserves much more attention. New episodes of BSG don’t start until January 08, so there is plenty of time to rent dvds, download from iTunes or read excellent recaps on GMMR from yours truly to catch up. Also there’s a two hour TV movie coming in November to provide some back story on the first colonial war.


2 responses to “Heroes vs Battlestar Galactica

  1. Scooter McGavin

    You know you have made it when someone gives your credit for something you stole from someone else. I feel so honored.

    With that said I have some quables:

    1. Future Syler vs Future Peter as the best fight? As I remember, FS and FP started to glow right before Present Hiro goes back in time and we didn’t actually get to see anything.

    2. Did you insinuate that Grumberg can act? He number three on my hit list (after Peter, that guy is the worst actor of our generation, and Nikki, who is worthless as an actress unless she is wearing a whip cream bikini). But he is funny, although mostly because of the face he makes when he “hears” things ranks pretty high on the unintentional comedy scale.

  2. haha I’m okay with unintentionally funny. And honestly, I couldn’t remember any other fights besides Future Peter and Future Sylar when I wrote this.

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