Jenna Fischer’s Emmy nod! Huzzah!

In celebration of Jenna Fischer’s well deserved Emmy nomination today, I present my favorite funny Pam moments. I say funny, because when Pam cries, I cry.

I guess I’m evil to admit that birds dying unusual deaths make me laugh anyways, but this episode put me in hysterics when Pam started singing along with Dwight’s recorder.
From Grief Counseling:

Sometimes I wonder how much of Drunk Pam is just Jenna’s natural enthusiasm for life. Also a great JAM episode, The Dundies:

I couldn’t find a great screencap with the look on Pam’s face, so a generic Valentine’s Day picture will have to suffice. But the moment she throws Phyllis’s valentines down, I lose it.

I will contend that Casino Night is the best episode ever. And not just because of the last two minutes. That episode is full of hilarious one liners from everyone in the cast. Still, one of the best laughs of that night was never spoken:

I can’t come up with ONE prank, besides the umbrella trick, that cracked me up the most. I love when she plays off Jim. But equally as hilarious are the Pam/Angela interactions. I especially love when Pam says “I’m not inviting someone to my wedding who’s called me a hussy.”

Okay who is she competing against? Two ladies from the dumbest show ever, some cable show, Jamie Pressly, but I don’t watch Earl, and Vanessa Williams, who actually is the funniest character on Ugly Betty but I can’t wait to hear Jenna’s speech.


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