TV Tidbits

Just some random thoughts on TV while I clear my brain..

~ Burn Notice needs to do something fast. And I’m pretty tolerant of bad tv shows if they have *something* to offer. But I kinda hate most of the characters and the self important voiceover. MacGuyver tricks are only going to be entertaining for about two more shows.

~I really love Little People, Big World. It makes wish I had a giant farm. It also makes me wonder if there are any little people actresses. There are a couple of actors but I can’t think of one actress.

~Last night I dreamed I was Meadow Soprano and I had fallen in love with a Fed. Oh, the dilemma.

~The World Series of Pop Culture is awesome. And quickly shames me into realizing I’m not as pop versed as I had thought. Although I was proud that I could name more Lost characters than the two on the stage and I’ve never seen an episode. There definitely needs to be a blogger team next year. Can’t you see GMMR, Ducky and The TV Addict up there totally destroying everyone?

~I bought a new cell phone and promptly downloaded the Hendrix cover of “All along the watchtower” as my ringtone. Can you tell I’m excited for new BSG?

~A new employee at my work has definite Jim potential. Ack! Now I have to care what I look like at work?


4 responses to “TV Tidbits

  1. Scooter McGavin

    The World Series of Pop Culture is a complete sham. Of course I am just saying that because I could win that thing single handedly.

    I guess I just have resign to owning my friends and family at Trivial Pursuit even with their two pie handicaps.

  2. hahaha i’ll be on your team scooter. i’ll only be useful in tv categories though.

  3. tube talk girl

    Yes, the WSOPC makes me want to scream. I could so clean house on that show and want to smack the players when they don’t know simple questions.

    Sign me up for your team, Scooter and Jo. We could take on GMMR, Ducky and Daniel.

  4. hahaha i couldn’t even compete with ya’ll.

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