License to Wed

Please note that this entire calendar year, License to Wed is the 3rd movie I’ve seen. I am pathetic. But even though I’ve missed all the BIG BIG BIG FLOP #3s of this year, I will not miss Bourne. Mmm, Bourne.

But I’m totally willing to shell out movie dough for Office cast (which is why Blades of Glory is another one of my three movies this year). So here’s my little review.

The positives:
~ An hour and a half of JKras’s face on a big screen. Um yeah.
~Angela Kinsey is quickly about to top Tina Fey in my book for the funniest woman on this planet. Oh my goodness. She’s in like 3 minutes total of the movie and it did warp my brain a little to see her and John in different characters, but her delivery is priceless. I’d cry with laughter to hear her read a phone book.
~Mindy Kaling is barely on the screen but her off camera lines were very funny.
~Mandy Moore is very tall. I’m sure there was more to her character but that was stuck the me the most. hahaha oops.
~Robin Williams still made me laugh, even though I had seen the funniest parts in the trailer. I think “Cussin’ the Man is Outta Hand” will be my new catchphrase.

The less than positives:
~I felt like I had already seen the ENTIRE film, thanks to TV interview clips and thorough coverage on GMMR.
~The random two expletives. I know there are movie executives out there who feel compelled to throw in random expletives just to up the film’s rating. I find this tasteless and frankly creatively backwards. Just not necessary.
~It’s a completely predictable, seen it before, chick flick.

I deem this movie Completely Rent Worthy.
Unless you want to see JKras on the big screen, because that’s why I went.

Note of warning, while I’m not in a relationship, I could see this being a terrible date movie. Awk!ward. Make it a girls night instead.


One response to “License to Wed

  1. Oooh, good note about it being a bad date movie. Will keep that in mind. I just might have to shell out the dough for 1.5 hours of big screen JKras, even though I don’t have high hopes for the flick. Robin Williams has managed to irritate me in every one of the previews I’ve seen, unfortunately.

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