Crazy, Hazy, Lazy(?) Days of Summer

June? June? Whoosh is more like it. Good gravy. It’s less than a week till my absolute favorite holiday of the year and I can barely comprehend it.

I have excuses for my lack of blogging, none of which are interesting or can be spun into a quirk anecdote. So we’ll just get to what I’m watching.

Summer TV is like a summer break for me. I take a breather from the tube because I don’t like reality shows and I don’t have the fancy cable channels. I tried to get into 24 but only lasted 3 episodes. Maybe I’m just already too Jack Bauer-ed out that I don’t feel the magic. But I’m still watching some TV.

The Sopranos– the reruns on AE. Two new to me episodes every Wednesday. Truly a brilliant series. I tried to avoid spoilers from the current year that just ended, but that’s just not possible.

-8 Simple Rules– I had forgotten how hilarious this series was. Yeah for ABC Family.

Dr Phil– Yeah, I am stretching it to find something to watch, but last week I found Dr Phil’s House of Hatred and I was riveted. So I Tivo it and if the topic interests me, I’ll watch, if not, a quick delete.

I deem myself officially old when my channel surfing no longer stops on VH1 but definitely defaults to the History Channel.


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