An Unkindess to Ravens

If my last post didn’t lose cool points for me, then this one certainly will.

Can we talk about the One Tree Hill finale last night?

Disclaimer: Yes, I know it’s a sudsy, teen soap opera with questionable acting and writing. It pains me too that this show, along with the one to find another useless backup dancer, both got renewed over the brilliant Veronica Mars. But by george, this show is pure, guilty pleasure. And last night, it was awesome.

Here’s my not in any specific order list of awesomeness.

  • The soundtrack! Last night’s music was awesome. And sometimes OTH seems like a giant commercial (*cough*Chilli’s*cough*Sunkist*cough*their soundtrack they pimped for two episodes*), but last night it was just good music.
  • Happy Peyton. Peyton always rocks, but Happy Peyton is joy. Watch any interview with Hilarie Burton because she will make you smile. Such a bubbly, fun person.
  • Mouth finally kissed Brooke!! FINALLY!!
  • And Brooke was STUNNED. Heeeee.
  • That Stephen boy from that MTV Laguna show (yeah I don’t know the names) is very cute.
  • All the kissing! Oh my so much kissing. Everybody was so happy.
  • Skills and Bevin going strong. Last week was funny with meeting the parents but I love that they are the drama free couple.
  • Sophia Bush’s professionalism. How she manages to act in scenes with CMM after all their personal drama is beyond me. And it’s totally believable.
  • Keith! Aw, ghost Keith. You’re the poor man’s Denny Duquette.
  • Dancing. To the Spice Girls. Hilarious. I’ve haven’t laughed that hard since The Office went on hiatus. Oh my. Now, I do have to throw a flag on this scene because if these people were actually 18, then that song came out when they were like 10. Now granted, the actors are closer to my age, so it makes that they would love this song. I just don’t buy it. Maybe it’s just me, so I’ll let it slide.
  • Dan’s in jail. It’s about time.

I know there are more closet OTH fans out there. There has to be for it to still be on the air. But before you throw stones, ask yourself what show(s) you’re aren’t eager to admit to…


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