DUI is not hot.

Since it’s summer, I’m taking the blogger’s liberty to comment outside of my TV world.

Now, I’m going to refuse to use said jailbird’s name in this entire post, because 1) I wish Firefox had an extension that could block her name and image and 2) if i could teach my Tivo to block all mentions and images of her, I would build it a statue and wear a pendant of my Tivo’s new found sainthood.

Item #2 before I begin my rant. In November 2005, a very dear friend of mine was killed in a DUI wreck. She was 22. One month short of graduating college. I had lunch with her two days before it happened. You know that old saying, “it’s all fun and games till someone gets their eye poked out”? I have never thought drinking and driving was cool. Or funny. And after November 2005, the mention of it sends me into a blind rage. So I don’t apologize if you don’t agree with this non TV related rant. This is real.

Begin rant:

In a civilized society, one reason laws are passed is to protect the helpless. According to our laws, you are allowed to drink alcohol at 21. But you are never allowed to get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence. In fact, did you know that, at least in Texas, if an over the counter cold medicine warns against driving while taking and you get pulled over while on it, you could be charged with DUI?

My favorite quote from my 9th grade government textbook was “The right to move your arm ends where my nose begins.”

And this is why DUI is so heinous. It’s completely preventable. It’s reckless and it’s selfish.

So Miss Priss, huzzah that you are headed back to jail. Because you deserve to be flogged. You are lucky that no one was seriously hurt or killed when you decided you couldn’t a) call one of 2,000 people in your phone; b) call a cab; c) call a limo; d) call a helicopter; e) call Oprah to come pick you up from the bar.


Love your neighbor as yourself.


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