Here’s a little update for ya

5 TV Boyfriend Lessons

Do you wonder what the women in your life see in a certain TV character? Then it’s time to take some notes from my favorite TV boyfriends.

  1. Matt Saracen, Friday Night Lights– He’s sweet, innocent and quite possibly the hardest working high schooler ever. On top of his part time job, studies, and taking care of the house, Matt manages to care take for his ailing grandmother, be the team leader as QB 1 and be affectionate with Julie. He’s responsible with a capital R.
  2. Henry, Ugly Betty – Okay, so Henry hasn’t gotten together with Betty yet, but we all know it’s coming. The days of bad boy worship are fading; it’s all about nerd love. We love Henry because he uses his detailed notes on Betty as flirting fodder. Just noticing something specific is enough to make a girl’s heart skip a beat.
  3. Samuel T. Anders, Battlestar Galactica– This ex-professional athlete turned guerrilla warfare fighter transformed from a one night stand to a long distance love to husband and then back to friend with benefits. Starbuck is as messed up as a girl can get, yet Sam never gave up. Even after her “death”, Sam remained loyal to her memory by becoming a pilot.
  4. Floyd, 30 Rock– I won’t lie. The Floydster had me from hello. He managed to turn the usually cynical and witty Liz is a mumbling mess with his easy going charm. He can roll with a night of candle-lit uno and relax to the buzz of three humidifiers. I bet his peaceful aura will reach us all the way from Cleveland.
  5. Jim Halpert, The Office– There are two types of women in the world: those in love with Jim and those who’ve yet to watch The Office. The mystique of Jim baffles every man I know. It’s not about his floppy hair, big eyes or hilarious smiles. We all dream of being Pam because Jim is Pam’s best friend. He knows her likes and dislikes. He brings her in as an accomplice and confidant. He makes her laugh and is her shoulder to lean on. Okay and it’s a little bit about his big smile.

Easy life lessons and no chick flicks in sight. Who said you can’t learn from watching TV?


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