I finally caught up on the new Fox drama thanks to the online episodes. Here’s to hoping they keep putting it on there. I really only gave this show a chance because of my Browncoat hero worship. With only three hours into it I’m still undecided. It’s a lot like Prison Break, in that you wonder how they can keep it going over a year. So here’s some bulleted thoughts:

  • Totally worth watching during the lunch break or while at the gym, not yet TiVo Season pass worthy
  • Completely loathe the opening credits for no good reason
  • Amy Acker had better get more screen time- unless it means Wes, Gunn and Lorne go portal jumping into show.
  • Some people may wonder how 20+ cars could go extraordinary speeds down an interstate unnoticed, but let me just set the record straight. I lived in Tampa, Florida for 10 years. I’ve driven on I-75 and there are two types of Florida drivers. Fast and crazy and old and slow. There is absolutely nothing unusual about the driving depicted on this show.
  • Now I’m wondering why there wasn’t a massive thunderstorm in the middle of the highway for them to go crazy driving through. Now THAT would be realistic to my I-75 experience.

Here’s to hoping this is the next Prison Break-out wonder and not another Reunion that gets canned before Nathan Fillon’s check clears the bank.


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