Friday Night Lights!

Edit: How did I not know this amazing, heartwarming show was filming 90 miles away from where I live?! I think it’s my new goal to be an extra.

I didn’t want another show. I already caved and made a place in my heart for Ugly Betty. But being a huge football chick from Texas, why oh why did I hide from this TV gem?

Three reasons why you’re still not watching Friday Night Lights-

1. I don’t like football: The actual football footage is minimal. If you like and understand football, you’ll follow along. If you don’t like football, you can still understand if what’s happening is good or bad.

2. Another teen drama? Ugh: Don’t hate just on genre. The teen label has lost all meaning thanks to some blonde chicks. In fact, for a “teen” show, there are a surprising amount of intact families. And the parental figures that are missing are realistically missing and not just “my parents left the country without me” garbage *coughOneTreeHill*cough.

3. I don’t cave to peer pressue: Ask yourself why you watch what you watch? All of us that obsess over TV aren’t asking for your loyalty or blood. Just that you try it out to see if you like it. Which is easy since all 18 episodes are currently online.

Three reasons why Friday Night Lights is one of the best series on TV:

1. Eric and Tami Taylor are the most loving, functional and realistic married couple to every grace the small screen.
2. Matt and Julie are so cute you want to squeeze them and they watch The Office.
3. The documentary style feel gives the storylines a real perspective.

Just try it. It’s heartwarming. NBC, Wednesday 8/7c or online.


One response to “Friday Night Lights!

  1. Scooter McGavin

    Another reason to watch FNL: Landry is the most entertaining character on TV.

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