Fantasy Beauty & the Geek, part 2

Previously on Fantasy Beauty & The Geek, read part 1 here.

Amanda (Ugly Betty) was thrilled to have eliminated Kirk (Gilmore Girls) and Hilary(The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and immediately began plotting her next target: Dwight (The Office) and Eliot (Scrubs). Kelly(The Office) was the only one sad to see Hilary go because their shared love of fashion. All of the girls separately felt Eliot was a threat.

The next morning, the girls were given laptops loaded with Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?, an almanac and a world map. Their test would be over world geography and facts. The guys were given a book about acting and a copy of Act II from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Kelly forgot all about her own challenge and focused on talking to Urkel about the world’s greatest love scene. Bill (Freaks & Geeks) taught Cheyenne (Reba) how to use the almanac so she could play the game on the computer. They definitely have chemistry between them, though Cheyenne is not willing to admit it. Even though he was initially shy, Marshall (Alias) has become open to Parker (Veronica Mars), but who couldn’t? Amanda thought whatever the challenges turned out to be, that she would have to win this one in order to continue her game plan. Stewart (Boy Meets World) got the game running for her while he studied his materials.

The next morning, the girls were armed with almanacs and led to an entrance into a giant maze. The circular garden maze had five identical paths leading to the center. At each critical turn, the girls were presented with a geography question right off an episode of Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego. Like the Apple IIe computer game, there were three choices, each leading a different way in the maze. The guys waited for them in the center with monitors.

Parker and Eliot were in an early lead, but Amanda took her time with each question so not to get lost. Eliot took two bad turns and ended up stuck in the maze. Cheyenne passed Parker and then took a bad turn. Kelly had trouble making a decision and barely got to question three before Amanda made it to the center for the win. Stewart was relived, but wanted to give his all in the guys’ challenge.

The guys received a five minute crash course in stage acting from a local teacher. Then they sent to a box with costumes, props, and a copy of the scene they were to perform. A member of the theatre company would fill the Juliet role for all of them, but it was up to the guys to memorize their lines, pick out costumes and appropriate props.

Dwight’s choice of costume was hilarious but it didn’t add to his stiff performance. Bill and Urkel were about the same, except Bill had trouble remembering a few of the lines. The awkward pauses were comedic but not helpful. Down to Marshall and Stewart, it was a toss up. But the judges gave it to Marshall for his believable line delivery despite his nervous body language.

For the elimination, Amanda easily talked Stewart into her game plan by picking Dwight and Eliot. Marshall and Parker took a long time to decide, but ultimately chose Bill and Cheyenne because they get along so well. Parker was confident her friend Cheyenne would return.

Dwight and Bill went three for three on their questions, forcing Eliot and Cheyenne to decide. Eliot missed one and Cheyenne came through with the clincher. Eliot cried in her exit interview, overwhelmed by the emotion of the experience. Dwight’s exit interview was an interesting rant about survival and how if this was the wild, he would’ve eaten Eliot first to live.

Next time on Fantasy Beauty and the Geek: the geeks get a makeover and the girls battle it out Tetris style.


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