Andy Barker PI

As a faithful reader of Jane Espenson’s blog, I had heard about this show months ago. Truthfully, I hadn’t put any thought into it at all. With the exceptions of The Office and HIMYM, I’m in the “comedy is dead” category. My bad attitude kept me from TiVoing 30 Rock, but I’ve since changed that and I catch it every Friday online. And while I’ve been away from Scrubs, it’s still hilarious, as evidenced by the fact that I almost fell off the gazelle at the gym last night while watching.

So at best as I was indifferent to Andy Barker PI before it even began. This week being a slow one at work, I decided to watch all six episodes online, just for my love of Jane.

Boy was I surprised. Mild mannered accountant turned PI, Andy Barker is a pleasure to watch. The humor style is definitely much like 30 Rock, with subtle throw away lines and deadpan delivery. The mysteries are a tad hokey but cute. I’ll definitely never look at a chicken the same way again. Andy and his wife are over the top innocent and in the hands of any other set of writers could quickly become the blandest couple on TV. Well, they are the blandest couple on TV but that’s what makes them funny. The music cues definitely provide a few chuckles as well.

The cast is fantastic. Tony Hale (Arrested Development) is back with great physical comedy and I was stoked to see Harve Presnell, because I was a huge Pretender fan. I really believe once this show finds its stride, it’ll become an instant classic. Of the six I saw, my favorite definitely was “Fairway My Lovely” written by Jane Espenson, complete with a Buffy shout out to Double Meat! (You can write mystery and killer BSG? Dude, where is your VM?? You know, if TPTB don’t cancel it.)

Andy Barker PI debuts on NBC, March 15, 9:30/8:30c.


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