Once More, With Feeling

So this summer I started a Buffy marathon. I fell in love with Joss Whedon through Firefly.

Then yesterday I viewed for the first time “Once More With Feeling”.

Oh. my. It was like a beautifully wrapped present for sticking with Buffy, even through the Dawn years. I’m not sure you could get the full joy of OMWF by watching it out of sequence. But I can’t stop thinking about it. I frequent Whedoneque.com, so I had heard of the musical episode. So when my TiVo said that was what I had, I thought for sure I’d see fin as we flew over the shark. I could not have been more wrong. Dare I say, it’s my favorite episode of Buffy, tied with “Hush”.

I think my favorite number is Anya and Xander’s “I’ll Never Tell”, mostly because they are my favorite characters. I’m sad that there’s no Willow solo but Tara rocked her two. Singing wise, Amber Benson and Anthony Steward Head’s duet was amazing. The sentiments in “Rest in Peace” and “Going through the Motions” perfectly echoed their states of mind. My favorite highlights include Anya’s Bunny Spotlight, The Mustard, and Giles’ response to Buffy’s throw away line about an 80s Montage in slow motion.

But the real magic of this episode is what Joss accomplished in storytelling. He took a lot of exposition, that would’ve been boring by itself, and poured it out on the audience, leaving them wanting more. Everything that the characters needed to get out in the open was released, including Buffy’s heaven confession.

Oh please TPTB, bring Joss back to TV. Once more, with feeling.


2 responses to “Once More, With Feeling

  1. OMWF is undoubtedly a classic, up there with “Hush” and “The Body”!
    As for the Buffy’s line about the 80’s training montage, it made me laugh all the harder because of its correlation to the training montage they had just shown in the “Angel” series as Angel prepared himself to face Darla and Dru. đŸ˜‰

  2. My favorite hour of Buffy ever. The music is just killer. Walk Through the Fire is my favorite. Sweet’s song is goodly too!

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