Fantasy Beauty & the Geek, part 1

Six brilliant men, six beautiful women, all fictional TV characters. Here is a recap of my Fantasy Beauty and the Geek.

Meet the Teams:

Bill (Freaks & Geeks) is the sci fi fanatic who also loves the soap Dallas. He chose Cheyenne (Reba), a college student, because she reminds him of a cheerleader he once made out with.

Eliot (Scrubs), the medical doctor, chose Dwight (The Office), an efficiency expert because she’s a space cadet and knows she could use help being organized.

Urkel (Family Matters), a genius inventor, chose the friendly and chatty Kelly (The Office), a customer service rep.

Parker (Veronica Mars) is the college student and an advocate for safe parties. She chose Marshall (Alias), a rambling software engineer for the Department of Defense because she felt he would be calm under in high pressure situations.

Stewart (Boy Meets World) is the Duke student with a perfect SAT score. He chose Amanda (Ugly Betty), a receptionist and part time model because he likes outspoken, driven women but doesn’t know how to get one.

Hilary (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), an heiress, picked Kirk (Gilmore Girls), the weathly entrepreneur who lives at home, because she was impressed with his money.

The First Day

No one could believe Eliot was a doctor, especially her partner and several of the girls wondered how she qualified to be in the house. But she found a friend in Cheyenne who is pre-dental. Hilary and Kelly talked fashion while Amanda tried to avoid the perky Parker. The teams met to receive their materials for the first challenge.
The women stayed at the mansion with a wide selection of science fiction DVDs and reading materials and the men were taken to a dance studio where they received lessons in modern dance.

All of the women ended up by the pool, though Parker, Amanda and Eliot brought their reading materials with them. The geeks, dressed in horrible 80s work out clothes, learned basic dance, hip hop and even some crunk. That evening the challenges began. They arrived at a club where the men had 30 minutes to get as many women to dance with them as possible.

Kirk hilariously tried to breakdance, which was awesome to watch, but not good for winning the challenge. Dwight’s Russian ballet move frightened just about everyone. Urkel danced like an old man and one girl danced with him out of sympathy. Bill gets props for busting out the funk and also only got one girl. Marshall took an early lead with three but Stewart’s charm won over the most girls. He won the challenge with four.

From there, the group moved to a hotel hosting a Sci Fi convention. The beauties were sent on a scavenger hunt as the geeks watched in envy. The timed race challenged the girls to not only know the about the different fantasy worlds, but to get help from the geeks at the convention. The ordered list was to get a picture with a Cylon, try on Frodo’s ring, shoot a phaser, pet a wookie and get an autograph from a Browncoat.

Since her partner won the first challenge, Amanda didn’t even try. She took her time walking through the convention. So did Hilary who was thoroughly grossed out by everyone in costume.
Kelly told a Six look alike that she liked her dress and then asked a Stormtrooper, who she mistook for a Cylon, for a picture. Eliot and Parker gained a quick lead. In the end, Eliot bumped into a gracious Nathon Fillion who was posing for pictures with a group of Browncoats.

In the elimination, Stewart and Amanda chose Urkel and Kelly because they both annoyed Amanda. Dwight convinced Eliot to choose Kirk and Hilary because they were the weakest. Kelly answered two of the four questions correctly, but Hilary got none. Urkel had studied and easily got two more for the win.

Kirk and Hilary walked out of the mansion as Urkel and Kelly returned upstairs.

Next, the beauties learn the wonders of Carmen SanDiego as the geeks study Shakespeare and the stage.

Read Part 2 now


One response to “Fantasy Beauty & the Geek, part 1

  1. My money is on Bill and Cheyenne. Team BillChey!

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