Beauty and the Geek!

Aw, reality T.V. Inevitably, my favorites get kicked off too soon. Last week’s departure of Mario & Nadia crushed me. They had the best team spirit going and both were just nice folks. The new Britany and Joe (Season 2) if you will.

I was proud of Jennylee and Niels reconciling their relationship to work better as a team, but Megan stepped up with a new determination. She earns cool points for tackling a sheep. I’m rooting for her. Sadly, Nate can’t win without that awful Ceci. Just as I began a rant about how the game doesn’t account for the change in the contestants, the previews tell me they will! I really hope the previous players can have some input. I wouldn’t even care if Probst stepped out from behind a curtain. Anything to throw Ceci out of the house.

Next week is the finale! Go Scooter and Megan!

Hopefully next week, I’ll have my Fantasy Beauty and Geek ready to post. If you love BatG and you’re a tv addict, this is for you.


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