Veronica Mars is Smarter than Me.

I haven’t breathed in twenty minutes. I don’t know where to begin. Oh yes. Madison Sinclair UGH. I loathe her and love that she’s back.

This show is so twisty, I crave it more than my daily Dr Pepper. Are you kidding me? It was a little rollercoaster. She’s good, she’s evil, she’s in love, she’s a con. Oy with the poodles already.

Pause to point out out Roni carried on a long conversation about Battlestar Galactica. You love VM? So of course you also love The Office, because you, TV connoisseur, love smart TV. If you haven’t tried BSG, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. “I don’t like sci fi” is not going to cut it. If Veronica loves Battlestar, you should too. DVDs, iTunes, or GMMR recaps to help you catch up.

Back to this great episode. Lots of LoVe, Weevil and Lamb. No Mac, Parker, Wallace or Piz, but great Keith/Veronica action.

Next week’s preview? Seriously? What? C’mon.

(Side bar with the CW. Enough with the pregnancies. Every stinkin’ show. And so help me, don’t touch Rory Gilmore.)

Jo’s Crazy Thought of the Day:
I loved Bronson and I love seeing Happy Mac. I agree with Angel that we need more Dick/Mac interaction. So two birds: Happy Mac & MIA Wallace. One stone: WAC!

Okay that name is terrible, but the point remains. Opposites attract and Wallace and Mac share similar qualities like honesty, kindness and sarcasm. It could happen. Then we could see more of both of them and turn Veronica’s world for a loop.


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