Happy Thoughts!

Since today is Thursday, we’ll start back with Last Thursday:

The Office– How can it keep getting better? I dunno, but it does. Annoyed Jim faces are comedy gold. I’m still wondering what got cut out of the script that he ended up in the conference room by himself like that, but at least this time he told himself and Karen the truth about Pam.

Battlestar Galactica– I love callbacks and I love Helo and Kara’s friendship. I’m glad this episode ended in a mystery instead of the brink of destruction and despair like the rest of the year. Dualla is the woman. And who is the next Cylon?!

Prison Break– Dear PB writers, we don’t care about C-Note, so feel free to wrap that storyline up. Also, don’t ever have an episode without Sara again.

How I Met Your Mother– I’ll even take a slow episode just to watch the acting goodness of Segal, Harris and Hannigan.

Heroes– zzzzzzzzzz. let me know when something happens. zzzzzzz (But Hiro was funny with putting the fake sword back.)

Veronica Mars!!!!!!!!– How I’ve missed you!!!! All the world needs is MAC Love. Does anyone else notice similarities between Parker and Lilly? I love the dynamic of the three girls. I also love any scenes involving KBell dancing. Please, please a Season Four!

Beauty & the Geek– A little on the predictable side as far as who’s leaving. It’s nice for everyone to see the duplicitous nature of Cecille. Though I think that’ll mean a target on her back. I’m picking Nadia & Mario for the win.

One Tree Hill– who knew stuntcasting a reality mtv star would actually make for a better acted episode of OTH? I suppose the cliche goes “it can only go up from here”? Regardless, I want only Happy Peyton from now on. And Dan Scott, you are an evil spawn.


2 responses to “Happy Thoughts!

  1. Josephus' sister

    Annoyed Jim + Angry Andy= great comedy

  2. Who is the next Cylon?

    Oh, let it be Dee – just so we can have a reasonable ending to the over-the-top sham that is Lee/Dualla.

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