Terrible, Beautiful Dawg

It’s the return of American Idol. It’s my goal not to get sucked in until the final 12 and only then it will be by sheer peer pressure. I don’t enjoy weeks of singers being made fun of with the occasional good one. But for the final twelve, I would love to see someone make and sell this idea:

The Paula Eight Ball.

With encouraging responses like “You’re already a star”, “You know I’m a huge fan”, “You look beautiful” and “Shut up Simon.”, the producers at FOX will be prepared for that fateful day she falls off the chair for the rest of the show.


2 responses to “Terrible, Beautiful Dawg

  1. As long as the 8 ball doesn’t have “You move me” on it. ha

  2. You didn’t miss anything by not watching this week. It was downright painful at times. It’s one thing for Simon to ridicule someone’s outfit or something else that the contestant could actually change. He crossed the line this week when he started making fun of someone’s face (their “monkey eyes”). Simon and Randy have been really mean and Paula didn’t stick up for them like she used to. It’s like she’s on some heavy medication or something.

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