Stuntcasting! Gone..Right?

Huge Huge Huge Props to Reba. This show makes me laugh. I love the reruns. I love how they venture in the meta frequently with mentions of Reba’s other career. And I’m not just saying all this because I’m partial. After all Reba was my first and second concert (with a possible third, I don’t remember) AND I’m going to see her again in March at the Houston Rodeo. And I can still remember pretty much every word to every song.

All this coming from a serious heavy metal chick. I just happen to love Reba. Now, every episode is basically the same. And sometimes I fastforward through the “heart to heart” speeches. But Van makes me laugh. Reba makes me laugh and Cheyenne cracks me up (though I don’t like her new thick eyeliner-wanna be a Simpson sister look).

Last night they stuntcasted with Kelly Clarkson. Normally I bite my thumb at all stuntcasting as it usually results in poor acting (*cough*veronicamars*cough) But Kelly was so funny and off the wall. Normally I hate the meta and the breaking of the fourth wall, but the ending with Brock, Cheyenne and Van doing the American Idol judges was hysterical. Because Kelly and Reba both started laughing. Van did a Simon voice..

but Cheyenne, the brilliant Joanna Garcia, did a Paula that was so spot on I couldn’t stop laughing. If it hadn’t been taped in October, you could’ve sworn she had seen that latest youtube video of Paula on tv in Seattle.

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