The Geek and the Chic

Geek is back! Geek is back! Beauty and the Geek is the best reality show and here’s why: it makes people better instead of bringing out the worst. Every other competition is about finding the best of the best. But these contestants first priority isn’t money.

Even though the Cash Out Option was slightly boring to watch, I was glad to see it. I was glad to see everyone’s priorities before the show began because that was a common accusation in Season 2.

The public speaking challenge was cringy worthy hilarious. There are no standout people yet, but they are just warming up. I wasn’t sad to see the eliminated couple leave since they couldn’t communicate with each other.

I do love Nate, but I’m not sold on Cecille.

Scooter is adorable but mostly because he really does look like the Muppet.

My favorite girls so far are Erin, who has her work cut out for her Drew….

….and Nadia, who scored a great partner in Mario. I think they are the couple to beat.

Still the funniest to me and the couple I’ll keep an eye out simply because they make me laugh is Niels and Jennylee.

Overall a good start. I do miss Britney and Joe though.

Beauty and the Geek airs Wednesdays 8/7c on the CW.


One response to “The Geek and the Chic

  1. I’m not much of a reality TV gal, but I like the idea of B&tG. I think it’s nice how, ideally, the beauties and the geeks compliment and learn from each other. Though I find most reality shows just painful to watch, maybe I’d give this one a shot if it really is about, as you say, making people better instead of bringing out the worst in them.

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