Dear Santa Easter Bunny

Dear Easter Bunny,
Surely Santa brought you a TiVo by now. So here’s what I want you to bring for Feb and May Sweeps.

  • More Piz and more Mac on Veronica Mars
  • Oh and better ratings for a Season 4 of VM
  • For the finale of Gilmore Girls to redeem the last two seasons (Bring the funny)
  • A sprinkling of logic and a Season 3 to Prison Break
  • May Ugly Betty not lose steam but continue in it’s hilarity
  • For this year’s Emmy nods to leave the impression that the voters actually watch TV
  • A closet scene featuring Jim and Pam so squee worthy that the amount of fan fic that follows will crash the Internet for a day or two.
  • A drama Emmy sweep for Battlestar Galactica
  • A hilariously, tragic and poorly acted death or five on One Tree Hill. You know the kind of scene that is so bad, it’s actually funny.
  • A Katee Sackhoff cameo on The Office
  • Another year of My Boys, less focused on baseball



One response to “Dear Santa Easter Bunny

  1. Oooh, great wish list! I’m particularly behind you on the closet scene, GG, and OTH wishes. That would be pretty excellent.

    Plus, better ratings for VM has been on my mental wish list since the dawn of time. Err…the premiere of the show. 🙂

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