My Boys and My Life

Previously on the blog no one reads, my boring job is back to moderately boring. My dream job said no and I’m okay with that because I’m still working on my second novel and that’s enough entertainment for me for now.

I’m too lazy for pictures but My Boys is my new favorite show. Dear Betsy Thomas, please hire me. I am PJ. When I first saw the promo for this show, I looked around to see if cameras were following me. Oh yeah, I choose my guy friends any day. Whether it’s going to college football games or talking smack about fantasy football, I am one of the boys. In fact, I love talking to my brothers-in-law as much as my sisters because they take me fishing, hunting and to rock concerts. And of course, I’m the first chick to raise the pot before the flop. Here’s how I stack up to PJ.

The Breakdown:
Boyish name:
PJ vs Jo
Hair: Blonde x2 (and until I cut it in August, I had a similar length and style)
Favorite sport: baseball vs football
Career: Sportswriter vs fiction writer
Flirt style: awkward in a group, better in a one-on-one setting, crash & burn if he’s also a friend x 2

Tomboy in a Sea of Boys
PJ: Brandon, aka Brando, the college best friend; Mike & Kenny the lovable goofs, Andy her bro, Bobby the new guy/crush
Jo: K, my best friend since elem school; A & P my lovable goofs i’d hang out with anyday, C my bro-in-law, B the new guy & my crush (WHO, btw and similarly, only talks to me when his crush isn’t around and recently started a sentence when we were hanging out solo with “dude”. cementing my place as one of the guys. *sigh*)

Girlie Girl Influence
PJ: Stephanie, the ultimate girlie girl and great friend
Jo: None currently (as I have mellowed in girlishness in recent years), but all growing up it was Bonnie.

Side note to defend the character of Stephanie. In the recent (awesome!) GMMR/Ducky podcast they throw a flag on why PJ would even talk to Stephanie, let alone be friends with her. PJ and Stephanie are friends because they are polar opposites in certain ways and very alike in others. They are both intelligent, motivated women just looking for love. But their different styles keep them from competing for the same men. PJ hangs out with men because that’s where she feels the most comfortable and confident. If you throw other women into the mix, she’ll become aware of her shortcomings as a woman. But PJ doesn’t feel threatened at all by Stephanie because Stephanie doesn’t expect PJ to change. She hopes that she would try new things and is willing to offer aid to that effect, but she doesn’t resent PJ for having her own style. Likewise, Stephanie’s girlieness fascinates PJ as this foreign world she knows she could never fit in. She probably envies Stephanie’s gentleness, but for whatever reason can’t be that vulnerable herself. Some of Steph & PJ’s convos, I have had verbatim with a girl friend.

Though I agree the baseball metaphors are a little old. I do like the voiceover, but I wouldn’t miss it.

My Boys!! Airs tonight 10/9c. In this episode, PJ brings her new guy into her group. My guess is they all hate him but can’t give a valid reason why.


2 responses to “My Boys and My Life

  1. People read the blog! Er…person?

    Anyway, I’ve Tivo’d a couple eps of My Boys, but haven’t gotten around to watching them yet. Your endorsement should be more than reason enough to give it a shot. 🙂

  2. it’s real cute. a feel good half hour.

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