~Veronica Mars blows my mind. It’s the most jaw-dropping, intense, hilarious, wonderful hour on TV.

~Ugly Betty is so cute. Nerdy love is so in right now.

~I know it’s old news, but Dead Like Me reruns on Sci Fi are a joy of my week. That was a clever show and not just because I love Callum Blue.

~The Office was hysterical tonight. Especially with Andy, Jim and Pam.

~I love watching shows online. CBS’s Innertube works well, except I can’t fastforward or rewind. To pause and start again, I have to right click because the buttons don’t seem to work. But it keeps up with the slowly improving The Class and the always adorable in a science kinda way NCIS.

~But if you want CBS comedy, How I Met Your Mother is soaring. Slapbet will go down in history as a classic episode.

And now a tiny tale of two product placements, both from the lovely Chili’s. In The Office episode(s), it was the back drop. A hilarious plot point too. Even Steve Carell’s singing “baby back ribs” was hysterical mostly b/c Jan’s horrified face. And in a show that’s a mockumentary, it would be MORE distracting to not use real brands. Contrast all this with this week’s One Tree Hill. (Throw stones and mock later, it’s my guilty pleasure.) The state basketball tournament in the show was sponsered by Chili’s. Which would’ve been fine except they took a 20 second music montage, supposedly about the tournament, which was all shots of Chili’s logos and food. This of course was followed by Mouth actually reciting the ad tag line. Need I remind the class of the Alias episode where Sydney, super spy extraordinare, decides to go after the bad guy with this fabulous stinker “Quick! The F-150.” Sure, I’m a Texan chick who would love an F-150, but seriously? to chase down a Mustang? Yeah, that wasn’t distracting at all.


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