I love Tuesday nights

Gilmore Girls!
Jet lag makes you feel like you been run over by a truck. And the French, especially Parisians really are that rude, unless they are trying to sell you something. Then they bust out with a Eastern standard English that puts my grammar to shame. I digress…

So Lor & Chris are off in Paris and Lor looks suspiciously sick to her stomach the whole time and not from bad brie. I’m thinking little miss “we must get married now!” has stumbled back to her noncommittal ways. Having been a Chris fan since he rode up the street on his bike, I knew it was doomed. I’ve excepted it.

Rory’s meltdown resembles my own, minus the pink hair. I had been on this one track path since 9th grade only to get half way through my junior year of college and realize I hated my major. But seriously, you have real world work experience and a Yale college degree? In the words of TWoP, Shut Up Rory.

Veronica Mars is why I love TV.

-Veronica, though she’d never admit it to herself, was loving the attention from Piz.
-Roni’s writing a paper about the Perfect Murder? Darling, you might as well title that “How to properly frame me”
-I miss Mac.
-Logan and Veronica are both right and both wrong. Logan could’ve told her about Mexico sooner, but at the same time, I see why he wants her to trust him. The thing is, if one of them could’ve put the pride away, it wouldn’t have been as big a deal. Not the fire thing I mean, but the whole trust issue.
-Please please please can we have an arson storyline?!
-Okay did V get raped again? Or was he just starting on her hair? I’m so confused! And why was Logan running around with this look of horror?

My speculation for the rapist:
-Landry still tops my list….
-followed in a second by Moe. But I’m still having trouble determining motive.


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