VM Speculation

This blog is brought to you by the letter B for “Bored at Work” and the number 22, as in “we’d better get 22 episodes of VM this year.”

Before I launch into my speculation and hopes:

Wallace, sweet Wallace. Everyone who’s ever majored in engineering fails at least one class. This is your freshman, first semester for crying out loud. Get over it. In fact they intentionally make those classes ridiculously hard to weed out posers. And so our buildings won’t fall over. Why aren’t you taking a real freshman semester like Logan…Weighlifting, biology, english, mass comm and psych? Also, why didn’t you factor in your basketball practice into your time before making your schedule. Why not take your hard classes in the off season? While I tolerate, nay love, plot implausibilities in other shows *cough*prisonbreak*cough* I really, really, really hope that all this garbage with Wallace is a setup for Mystery 2 or 3.

A Word or 800 about Piz:

LOVE HIM. Love how transparent he is. hehehehe I don’t think I said this here, (i think i said it to one of my four readers ’emac’.) but I really feel like Veronica is going to be the one breaking up the LoVe. After this week’s theme of cheating, I don’t think she’ll cheat…but have you see director’s cut on the CW website this week? She may fall for Piz yet and use Logan’s shadiness as an excuse to bail.

I think the rapist is Landry.
~M.O. of the crimes suggest an ego. Taunting the police.
~The shaved head may just be like a branding, not necessarily a clue.
~Lack of DNA evidence indicates extreme knowledge. Like if Gil Grisson wanted to rob a bank, the money would just vanish.
~Lucky Tim is too obvious. Especially now with this stalker like wall of evidence. Plus with Veronica edging in his niche, he would want to prove himself as a detective.
~Mercer can’t be b/c that’s this week Mystery of the Week.
~Landry is a cheater of the “Midnight at the Camelot Neptune Grand” persausion.
~Mindy O’Dell’s connection to the Pi Sigs may be why the Pi Sigs are being targeted by the raptist. (i’m still working this theory out in my head.)
~He wants to get close to Veronica to use/frame her later.
~Landry coaches troubled teens. Which means he has an ear to the ground when it comes to Neptune’s shady spots.
~The Lillith house girls just represent mob mentality.

that’s all I have. thoughts from you?


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