A Dream, an Idea and a review

Four out of five workdays, I die from boredom. Today is one of those days. So instead of the junk I need to sort through on my desk, here’s what’s really on my mind:

my dream:
Sometimes I dream in plot lines. Whether it’s a project of mine or just something I’ve seen on TV. The current novel I’m writing came from a dream. I dreamed an entire movie once based off the previews for “When a stranger calls”. But earlier this week I dreamed about The Office. If you haven’t heard about this week’s episode skip this…………………….how many ellipses is fair warning?…oh who cares. I dreamed that Pam came to the Stamford office to plead with Jim to save the the Scranton jobs. Since Jim is an Assistant Regional Manager. So she pulled him into the hall to talk, noticed the camera chasing them and told him that she didn’t want to talk on camera. Dum Dum DUM!

my idea:
Dear James Gunn,
You seem like a cool guy. You come from a family of funny people and married a cool woman. You update your myspace blog a lot and I’m looking forward to your upcoming blogs about breaking into industry writing. I don’t watch scary movies but I hear SLiTHER is funny. One day, I’ll brave through it. I’m writing a fictional letter to you to plead with you to write a film. Three Words: Horror, Christmas, Comedy. See, I’m a Scrooge. As much as I love all things Halloween and Thanksgiving, the mere drop in temperature plus jingling bells gets me pretty grumpy. Nothing would brighten my holiday spirits like watching a few Santas get impaled by Blitzen. Maybe even a elf shoved where sun don’t shine. I’m just saying…It’s a thought.

How I Met Your Mother
I have a few things I think make for great comedies. Let’s see how HIMYM stacks up.
-Doesn’t rely on the premise: B+
-Every character gets to be funny: A- (Ted & Robin could use more punchlines.)
Use of variety in forms of humor: A+
Ties that bind episodes together: A- (will go up if they reference Swarley in future episodes)
-A relateable relationship: A+
-Quotables: A+
-Short Title: B- (unless you call it “Mother” but that’s just weird)
-Small primary cast: A+

It’s mainstream appeal will never put it in the same column as The Office or Arrested Development, but I do think we have the next Raymond.

One response to “A Dream, an Idea and a review

  1. LOVE your Christmas horror comedy film idea. I think that would be excellent on the highest order.

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