Oy with the Poodles Already

I started watching Gilmore Girls because I was waiting on Charmed to come on. That was the ONLY reason I watched the pilot. The commericals made it look stupid. I was expecting some kind of sappy melodrama. But GG quickly became a happy place.

So here’s 10 of my favorite funny Gilmore moments:

10. “The Great Stink” 7.05- The best moment of this season. They were a happy little family, jamming to the radio and then… the pickle smell.

9. “Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!” 4.18- Kirk will show up a lot in this list. When he didn’t make a map for the Easter Egg hunt and used real eggs, I couldn’t stop giggling. Thankfully Luke found the 12 missing eggs. Here’s a great breakdown of Kirk’s jobs.

8. “Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out” 4.09-
Paris, like Kirk, is great for hilarious moments. Both are characters we want to see frequently but not for the entire episode. A little goes a long way. When Paris hooks up with her teacher, Rory throws up in her mouth a little.

7. “Bridesmaid Revisted” 6.16- This is the single moment that redeemed season six to me. Sebastain Bach singing “Hollaback Girl”.

6. “Teach Me Tonight” 2.19-
A Film By Kirk. Need I say more?
Check it out on YouTube.
Plus an appearance by 24‘s Chloe.
Proving that things can be both horrifying and hilarious at once.

5. “Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy” 2.05-
Luke discovers parenting is harder than it looks. And vents his frustration by pushing Jess into the pond.

4. “Kiss & Tell” – 1.07
“I got kissed. And I shoplifted.”
Such a cute reaction to her first kiss, you can’t help but love Rory’s delivery of this whole scene.

3. “Women of Questionable Morals” 5.11- Overall season 5 was the funniest and this episode in the top three. But this moment still makes me burst out laughing. Kirk runs into the diner screaming “My girlfriend’s the whore!”

(Editor’s note: Between her Emmy-winning coworkers, her horror-comedy genius husband and KIRK for a bro-in-law, Jenna Fischer probably never goes a day without a laugh.)

2. “We Got Us a Pippi Virgin” 5.05-
It only took five seasons, but finally Rory’s character exploded with emotion. “PIPPI!!!”
And I wiped tears from my eyes.

1. “Raincoats & Recipes”- 4.22-
The most momentual Gilmore Girls scene EVER and here comes Naked, Screaming Kirk.

I guess the common theme is they took very sweet or normal moments and surprised us with something outrageous. Why this show hasn’t won an Emmy is a true tragedy. So what great moments did I miss?

All screencaps from opposites-are-polar.net.


One response to “Oy with the Poodles Already

  1. Ohhhhh fantastic. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! This has got me thinking of all the moments I loved. Guess I’ll have to go break out those DVD’s… 🙂

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