VM Suspect Roundup

We are about halfway through the first mystery this year. Since this my first real time viewing of VM, I want to figure out the mystery without spoiler help…which means I need to stay away from spoilers. We’ll see how that works. So this will just be a collection of my thoughts until I can ponder on it all some more. Feel free to add your arguments for or against.

Is it one of the series regulars?
Logan? He’s got some evil tendencies, but this would be the absolute end of LoVe. Noir or not, I don’t see Rob & Rats going that way.
Wallace? I think he’s on the way to something shady, but Wallace is a gentleman. For now.
Piz? Could Piz hurt a fly???
Dick? Another Casablancas rapist? Possibly. But since he’s a major source of comic relief, I don’t think they’re ready to send him off. However, I do think Dick’s wearabouts the night of Parker’s rape is major clue to the rapist.
Weevil? Thug’s honor. We haven’t seen enough of him yet for me to believe he’s even involved in this arc. However, I could see him laying grounwork for the next arc.

Or is it one of the new recurring?
Chip? The Pi Sig leader also seen in “Rapes of Graff”? He’s all kinds of shady but doesn’t fit my mental profile of a rapist. Why would a guy who’s regularly getting some have to attack girls? He can bully his frat brothers for kicks.
Moe? Wallace & Piz’s BSG lovin’ RA? Nerd revenge maybe? Don’t mock…Beaver much?
Mercer? The gambling ringleader.
New Lucky aka Tim the TA– He’s got the creepy factor and the knowledge factor. I think they are saving him and the prof for Mystery #2 or 3.

Far right field entries?
A girl with The Lillith House? I read this somewhere. That one of these women protesting is trying to get back at the Pi Sigs…it’s bizarre, but I don’t put much past the VM writers.

I can’t wait to see what’s next!


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