I’m a Lovefool

I’ve always loved dancing to that Cardigans song. And now, I just love it more. I’d just like to say, if I had a Jim or even a Ryan…or someone funny like Dwight in my office, I wouldn’t be so bored at work. I used to have a warehouse guy that flirted with me and that was awesome.

Has anyone else heard negative reaction about Pam? I’ve heard at LEAST three different guys mumbled something mean about Pam since the new seasons started. Usually involving the words “So stupid”, “What’s her problem?” and “Can’t stand girls like that.”

How can you hate loveable, girl next door Pam?

Because she turned Jim down and apparently these guys have been in Jim’s shoes before. “There is no reason for her to turn him down,” my first friend said. I gave my defense: he ambushed her, she needs time to be alone, to find herself, to get her bearings straight. “That’s stupid,” he said, “He’s perfect for her. What else does she need to know?” I pointed out that Pam isn’t exactly a risk taker. “There’s NO risk!” he got more frustrated. “Jim laid it all out there and she just walked away.” And with no resolution to our argument, I concede that Pam has to make the next move if there is such a one.

The thing is girls like Pam don’t know how awesome they are. She felt safe with Roy because it’s all she knew. She probably thought the creative silly side that Jim brought out in her was just the Jim effect. (Another reason it’s awesome to see her pulling pranks alone right now.) And Jim’s confession took her by legitimate surprise. Pam probably never had anyone ever look at her like that. It took her by surprise and in the weight of that moment, she wasn’t thinking. I can guarantee that as soon as she sees him again, she’ll feel the weight of her “mistake”. And at the same time, it wasn’t a mistake. If she had just walked away from Roy that easily, what kind of woman does that?

So Jim needs to heal and not get bitter. And Pam needs a healthy dose of guts the first chance she’s alone with Jim again.


One response to “I’m a Lovefool

  1. Those comments from guys about Pam frighten me…maybe the “Can’t stand girls like that.” is referring to me too?? Would explain a lot.

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