A Swoon and A Sway

Just some thoughts…

Gilmore Girls
*How awesome is Lauren Graham who simulatenously portrayed thrilled and scared beyond belief?? I wonder what the Emmy voters actually watch on TV, if at all.
*Emily getting arrested plus Lorelai’s extreme joy = hilarious.
*How long have Kirk and Lulu been dating now?! Season Four?

Veronica Mars
* No Mac? No Parker? No Wallace? No Lamb?! I hope this means Rob & Rats are pinching pennies for something specatular.
*Speaking of Emmys, Kristen Bell much?! Her voice cracking at the end. Vulnerable Veronica is fantastic.
*Aw, I hope Weevil can still do some PI work and I hope he’s involved in the next mystery.

My Random Office Thoughts:
The worse boss is Jan for kissing Michael and for letting him continue to do crazy things. He either should’ve been fired or moved to a different position. Like a sales trainer. If/When the two branches merge, you know who actually looks like the most management material? Jim. Now how would that be for a wrench in JAM?


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