I’m a tad behind on my TV viewing. I did catch Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. Both shows received an audible response out of me.

Goodbye Smith. Saddened, but not surprised. Viewers need to cheer and care about someone who is good. Capers have trouble on TV.

*When Chris professes his love and the walks out the door, I literally gasped a loud “Lorelai!” As in, “why are you still standing there, say something” Lorelai.
*No shock since I love Duncan, that I also love Christopher. The line for brick throwing begins here.
*Shirtless Logan, yum.

*WALLACE makes me laugh. More Wallace please.
*No Piz?! Sadness.
*Logan’s streaking, so funny.
*Guest stars!! Rider Strong, who surprisingly can STILL pass for 18. Samm Levine! PLEASE Rob Thomas: Martin Starr. I need me some Bill Haverchuck. Also noted, the blonde chick from Jack & Bobby. And while I’m begging, Please Rob: Jack aka Matt Long.
*2 Shirtless Logan Night, double yeah.

30 Rock
*I haven’t finished it yet..I think I have 8 minutes left? Yeah, it wasn’t..funny…I mean it was a step up from anything on SNL last year because Tina Fey is a great writer. But the only character who might’ve got a laugh from me was Tracy Morgan. Sorry, but no Season Pass.

Ugly Betty
I will watch Ugly Betty. I caught the first two on today. Funny stuff. Definitely reminds me of Miss Congeniality.
*For the record, I am a smart, independent, highly fashioned-challenged woman. But I at least keep it simple because I know my own wardrobe limitations.
*The over-the-top bad guys crack me up. I’m glad it’s not trying to be too serious. Vanessa William’s character reminds me of Cruella Deville.
*Salma Hayek in the telenovela, very very funny.

Random observation:
Ever noticed that in TV land, one character can walk up and interrupt another and ask “Can I talk to you?” and then they leave the present company to have a heart to heart? Yeah that’s completely bogus. That does not happen in real life. Those kind of moments are awkward for EVERYONE involved AND you always have eavesdroppers and buttinskies trying to listen.

Just a thought:
I understand Nielson is behind when it comes to DVR and other new technologies. But to look at it from an advertiser’s point of view, should recorded viewings of a show count as much? I actually don’t think so. The whole point of the Nielsons is to see how many people are watching the ADS. so they can sell the ad space for more or less money. If you’re watching a show on DVR, you don’t watch the ads. The TV Business model is in serious need of a radical shakeup. In the meantime, I’d like to see some research on product placement effectiveness in cult hits versus mainstream procedurals.


One response to “Thoughts!

  1. It’s so funny that you should mention “Can I talk to you for a second” because I’ve been watching the dvd’s of Felicity (which is a show that, if it didn’t invent that, then pretty much perfected it) and in one of the commentaries Greg Grunberg was like “What is UP with that? NO ONE does that.” And that’s true, no one does. At least not that I know of.

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