A Week of Weird Thoughts

It’s Friday. And it’s been a fun week of TV. Here are my random thoughts.

Prison Break:
*Sucre! I hope you’re actually evil and this is a wrench in Michael’s plan. If this is a coup, it’ll be cool, but for once I’m tired of this bait-n-switch.
*Tweener’s bait-n-switch was okay, but this is the third or fourth (I’ve lost count) time that they play up this big moment and then switch it. It’s old now. Move on to some other suspense building technique.
*Tweener says Hello to Malone’s little friend. What is the death count now?

*Silar cuts people’s skulls off. That totally explains Isaac’s head that didn’t look like he had been shot. It took me two viewing to catch that.
*The cheerleader’s dad better be the bad guy and this not be a switch. Note: a REALLY well played switch is one that has a long build up for a nice pay off. See Ocean’s 11.
*Nathan and Peter are a little whiny. I’m just sayin’.

Gilmore Girls:
*It took me two days and the glorious copyright violation of YouTube to watch it, but I liked it.
*Lane makes me laugh.
*Kirk makes me laugh.
*TJ does not make me laugh. I cringe whenever he and Liz are on.

Veronica Mars:
*WALLACE is back. He did not have enough one-liners last year. “Wash Me is so 2005.” So funny. I hope he gets a storyline fast.
*I think I love all actors who say more without words. KBell is one of those.
-What was up with her non-enthusaism about Logan’s key?
-Is that related to her non-answer to Piz about Logan being her boyfriend?
*Piz! Asking real emotional expository questions? on Veronica Mars?! That’s a good way to get killed. Careful there boy.
*I still want to see Mac join the Feds.
*Ronnie’s teacher is shady. I’m calling it now.
*The Fitzpatricks are back! Ah, a good mob story. That’s what I’m talking about.

One Tree Hill (my guilty pleasure):
Uncle Cooper DIDN’T die? Now that’s suprising. All I know is HE’D BETTER make it through the 2 hours on New Caprica tonight…
*I’m bored with all the characters EXCEPT Peyton and Skills.
*Can Nathan have a moment where he’s NOT brooding over something?

The Office!!!:
*You wanna know what I LOVE about Jenna Fischer?? She does more with the looks and breaths than anyone else on TV, dare I say even better than KBell. She flies so far under the radar that you forget she’s acting a role. If the Emmy commitee actually watched TV, she would definitely win one.
*I’m STILL hung up on the fact that the Stamford branch is playing computer games together. As a business person, it horrifies me.
*The fact that Jim stinks at it, even funnier.


*Busy Philips is playing a new intern in County General. I’m dying to see her have some scenes with Linda Cardellini. *sigh* Long live the Freaks.
*I’m going to need more Ray if I’m going to keep watching ER. The redheaded guy disgusts and annoys me.

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One response to “A Week of Weird Thoughts

  1. Personally, I think Veronica’s teacher is evil because I saw the actor on Joan of Arcadia and he was, shall we say, a not-nice person. He was awesome at it, though.

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