Piz, Mal and Fat!Apollo: a great week.

I haven’t quite decided on my halloween costume. Last year will be hard to top, as my costume was both cheap and clever. But there’s more about October to be excited about:

This weekend with TiVo rocked:

*Saw the Lifetime movie “Gracie’s Choice”. The movie stunk, but KBell rocked. Reasons it stunk: time elapsed too fast, character development and relationships missing, lousy dialogue…just another fine example of When Bad Writing Happens to Good Actors.

*A kids cartoon made me laugh aloud. Then I realized that it was the episode famed Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Gilmore Girls writer-extraordinare Jane Espenson wrote. And now I’m not shocked an episode of The Batman made me laugh. My new dream, besides a romantic comedy written by me starring KBell and JKras, is for Joss Whedon, along with Jane, to bring Batman back to TV. Can you imagine Bruce Wayne sounding a little more like Malcolm Reynolds?

*Veronica Mars! Veronica Mars! Veronica Mars! Tuesday @ 9/8c. And double check your recording device. New network, new times and new faces. *sigh* I’m smitten over Piz already. but you can’t trust what I say b/c I also love Duncan.

*BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!!!! October 6! Sci Fi Channel!! CANNOT WAIT. Check out the last two webisodes this week.

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