A Gilmore Defense

It’s a hot topic in TV: Lorelai’s state of affairs. In fact, the outcry of the L&L split has been even greater than Rory’s tryst with Married!Dean. I don’t think all the viewers crying “SHARK!” are completely fair and here are my reasons why:

  1. These are still great characters– Great characters are compelling and relatable. This hasn’t changed. Love the character, hate their choices. It killed me to watch Lor sit in silent pain while Luke was off finding his inner dad. But it was still Lor putting others first, loving him and giving him space (just like she did with Rory).
  2. The story is true to life
    1. I can’t find one place where Lorelai’s actions are “out of character”. Why? Because no human, when faced with extreme emotional trauma, reacts the same way every time. Our personalities, our characteristics, our values change over time. Lor went through three consecutive emotional extremes. First, Rory’s reckless abandonment of reason, the Luke high followed by a steep Luke low. One of those alone would be a lot for any person to process, cope and deal.
    2. This is a Lorelai pattern. She ran from Max to Chris. From Jason to Luke and now Luke to Chris. Lor doesn’t strike me as the person who can live alone. Cue Paul Anka. She’s a provider personality. She’s lost without someone to care for and upset when she’s not allowed to care for the people she loves.
    3. L&L, soulmates or not, have a lot of pride and fear to dig out of before they’ll be right. Contrived “turtle” daughter or not, is that such a stretch? That two people would cut themselves off from possibly the greatest choice of their life because of their own internal conflict? Yes, having a better buildup to April would’ve been nice, but so what. Do we always get an alarm before a major fire?
  3. The acting & writing are still just as sharp– Sans ASP-Hollow, I really didn’t see a difference. That’s not a slap on Amy, but a kudos to Rosenthal’s new team. In the industry it was ODD that Amy & Dan were doing the bulk of the writing. Writing a fluid story with instant feedback cannot be easy. In fact, I contend TV writing is the hardest medium out there. The greatest disappointment when this series is over will be if Lauren Graham doesn’t win an Emmy for it.
  4. It’s not over yet! – One of my favorite books is Ender’s Game and I hate the ending. The last few chapters, though important and relevant are boring. But that doesn’t change that it’s still an amazing adventure. But who’s to say it’s going to go down more? Maybe we’ve already hit Loreali’s rock bottom and we can only go up from here.

Give ’em time to work it all out. Healing broken relationships is a journey all its own.


One response to “A Gilmore Defense

  1. WORD to everything. Plus, you like Ender’s Game? Rock on.

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