Bye Bye Netflix

I cancelled my netflix today and mailed MI-5 back. I didn’t quite finish Season 3 but I’m happy where I stopped it. I’ll watch the rest soon. I’m trying to catch up on Grey’s so I can watch it live. In the meantime, I’ll save new ones on the Tivo.

GILMORE GIRLS!! returns tomorrow. I’ve missed Lorelai. I’m excited about the rumors and spoilers I’ve read. I think this is going to be a great year. I can’t wait to see how these characters deal with the aftermath of last year.

Heroes was good! Once again, hype lowered my expectations. But when Kristin! loves a show, I can’t help but listen. Afterall she introduced me to AD and VM.

Finally, I’ll admit a TV weakness. I love watching people fall in water, slam into walls and otherwise possibly injury themselves in the name of competition. I love MXC. I know it’s for men and all the commercials are for beer and video games. I don’t care. It cracks me up to see people run through a maze only to get to the end and get knocked down. I’m twisted what can I say?

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